Business Excellence

Training & Workshops

Based on industry needs and our thirty years of facility services and management experiences, we have developed a suite of training and workshop modules that are aimed towards getting the best out of your FM resources, across a wide range of facility subject areas.

Our courses are tailored based on our own learning experiences and developed according to the relevant ISO standards and recognized processes and industry bodies, such as BSi, ISO and the NEC.

Courses are uniquely developed by our own qualified consultants around industry and organizational needs which recognise that busy professionals need maximum impact from short courses in order to gain the relevant knowledge, skills and practices to ensure personal and organizational improvement.

We run both public and in-house courses and workshops in the following areas.

Courses & Workshops

  • ISO 41001 Facility management – Management systems Introduction (1 - day course)
  • ISO 41001 Facility management – Management systems Implementation (3 - day & 5- day course)
  • ISO 41012 Sourcing and Development of Agreements (2 -day courses)
  • NEC3 TSC Service Manager Training & Contract Management Procedures
  • NEC3 TSC Developing the Contract Plan
  • Facility Management for Non-Facility Managers
  • FM Contract Management Training
  • Performance Management & Measurement and Effective KPIs
  • Maintenance Management for Non-Technical Facility Managers
  • Collaborative Relationship Building between the Client and the FM Supplier


  • Training provided by an ISO Certified Lead Implementer Professional
  • Training provided by an accredited NEC TSC Manager
  • Training will focus heavily on real-life, work-based situations
  • Anecdotal ‘real-life’ examples provided throughout
  • Agile and tailored to suit specific needs and situations
  • We will tailor our workshop-based training to meet exact needs
  • Our training courses target:
  • Increased job satisfaction and morale among employees
  • Increased resource productivity
  • Increased employee motivation
  • Increased efficiencies in processes, resulting in financial gain
  • Increased innovation in strategies and business approaches
  • Problem-solving and evidence-based approaches

Our training courses and tailored workshops will ensure that you can apply the latest FM ISO standards in the workplace and apply robust contract management approaches within your organization for enhanced experiences and optimised outcomes.

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