Facility Management and Its Biggest Innovations

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September 19, 2017
Facility Maintenance Consultancy


The facilities are changing and altering with time and have become a major part of the modern world. These type of latest advancement have taken a whole new turn in the Facility Maintenance Solutions services as well. The companies are now dependent on changing environment and technologies emerging have taken a new turn for the companies. Here are the biggest innovations that are changing the way Facility Maintenance Consultancy is working in the world of advancement.

There are some innovations which have to be considered

1. Internet of Things – The companies are now linked up well with IoT and trying to change the way in which they used to work in. This technology is combined with access devices to help them in the form of thermostats, sensors, and actuators. These are used for the reduction of energy and even evaluation of data for different tasks. It also helps with device and sensors that can pick up on information in order to establish a better understanding of data. This also helps the team to get in hand information about vibration, light, and temperature in an area.

2. Automation – This type of software has become the major evolution part for the facility managers. The maintenance of facilities has become extremely easy with the evolution process in the form of rolling out, spreadsheets, blueprints, etc. In addition to this, it is also increasing with experience, memory, and wisdom with the facilities. The matter is that one if any of the data is missed out in whole while replacing it with another. However, with automation technology, it will be able to work automatically on data storing and duplicate it all.

3. Building Information Modelling – This type of system is extremely famous with BIM. This helps in scaling up the virtual models and development of project building in terms of architecture and contractors. In the Facility Maintenance Solutions, it helps in the construction of models on the visual level helping out companies to deal in the overall system. This has become commonplace with the accessibility of data and delivery of the whole project. This type of power system is going to help out in the operations of an overall system with software management.

4. HVAC Technology – In this type of technology, in facility management, one can easily maintain the workflow. But it can be a little over the budget for companies making them wary of the overall idea. This can help in reducing the cost of cooling and heating up the system helping up with the footprint in the environmental work reduction. This along with the BAS – Building Automation System has become a major advantage in the terms of cost reduction when it comes to facility management.


For the Facility Maintenance Consultancy, these innovations have been nothing less than boom. It has taken the whole system to a new level along with the latest advancement with workflow. These type of working data is changing up the flow of working terms that is making it reach a new level.

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