About Us - Our Core Values

Evolve Business Excellence specialises in facilities management services and procurement consultancy, focusing on property, people, technology and business infrastructure consultancy and operational support services. We align our facilities management consulting services both in the UK and Globally with your business and property needs, goals and objectives.

Our Facilities Management Consultants services in the UK and Globally deliver successful solutions to organizations in both the private and public sectors.

Our overarching objectives:

Value -We will always ensure that you experience demonstrable 'Best Value' outcomes which will be competitively benchmarked

Performance -We will deliver ‘fit for purpose’ FM solutions to ensure that the performance and service quality of your facilities are compliant and meet expectations

Risk -Transfer, We will identify, manage, mitigate, transfer and control your risks

Our Services:

Our Facilities Consulting and support services focuses on:

  • Strategic alignment with the core business
  • FM procurement and FM tendering (private and public sectors)
  • Business process re-engineering (based on ISO 41001)
  • FM business transformation
  • Cost reduction and cost optimisation
  • Compliance and Business Improvement Services
  • Consultancy based Interim FM management services
  • Bespoke FM Solutions

Our team of highly professional and experienced Facilities Management Consultants have specific expertise in all of the above areas to ensure that you benefit from the right solution every time.

Our Facilities Consultancy has developed a unique approach which considers the FM function as a key supporting role for the core business. In its own right we consider facilities management as a holistic entity within an FM Balanced Scorecard. We map the key perspectives of the FM Scorecard against our core values to ensure that you benefit from a value engineered solution every time:



  • Reputational – lost customers = lost business = lower business turnover/profit
  • High margins will lose opportunities & business. Unsustainable margins will lose business and reputation
  • People = organisations best assets: Policies and processes to attract and retain the best people is a must in FM
  • Poor delivery will result in business losses and negative reputation
  • Organisations must innovate and continuously improve to survive today’s harsh economic climate


  • Customer Dissatisfaction – will use a different service/supplier next time 
  • Cost Certainty – High cost = lost opportunities / Low cost = unsustainable
  • Resources and the Supply Chain must be optimised to deliver the best service possible
  • The service should be delivered to meet or exceed customer expectations
  • Innovation and continuous improvement will be the key differentiator and measure for sustainable growth


  • Best Value is perceived as the direct relationship between cost and quality. Customers require value in order to survive and prosper 
  • A sustainable solution is underpinned by Best Value through striking the right balance between cost and quality. This is the only way that services will be successful over a sustained period
  • A resource structure based on value will ensure sufficient time to do the job properly but without waste i.e. fit for purpose 
  • A delivery model underpinned by value will deliver the basis of successful and sustainable services within the overall FM Balanced Scorecard
  • One of the key aspects and metric of improvement is being able to demonstrate Value

Evolve Business Excellence applies the FM Scorecard as an overarching guiding principle to the range of FM solutions that our Facilities Management Consultants delivers, including:

  • Strategic alignment of the FM function within the core business
  • Organizational reviews for optimum positioning of the FM service
  • Quality-Value index (QVi) process application for business improvement and business transformation
  • Development of operational and occupational budgets and cost plans
  • Cost reduction and cost recovery services
  • Facilities management sourcing options, facilities procurement & tendering services in the UK and Globally
  • Mobilisation management support services
  • Flexible contract support services and interim consulting based facility management services
  • Application of the latest FM standards e.g. ISO 41001 Facilities Management; ISO 44001 Collaborative Business Relationships
  • Facilities and Maintenance Management audits for compliance; business improvement and business transformation
  • Expert witness & adjudication services
  • Bespoke services such as FM benchmarking, development of KPI models, SLA preparation etc.
  • Workshops & training
  • FM Navigator – FM Project Management application

Why Choose Us?

Our Facilities Management Consulting service is unique and we can clearly differentiate between our competitors through the following attributes:

  • We are completely independent of all contractors and service suppliers and can therefore offer truly impartial advice and support
  • We have 30 years’ experience in property and Facilities Management Services in the UK and have helped inform, develop and shape the profession and industry since the late 1980’s
  • We have unique products and services which are focused on achieving our objectives, and delivering the best possible service to you
  • We focus on achieving ‘Best Value’ FM solutions across all the services that we deliver. ‘Best Value’ in this context will be the optimum point between value and cost. If we cannot demonstrate Value to your business and facilities function then you probably don’t need our services
  • Our project outcomes are demonstrable e.g. we will show you what ‘World Class and Best Practice’ looks like and guide you towards achieving your goals
  • Our Facilities and Maintenance Management services in the UK and Globally are very agile and flexible enabling us to deliver strategic and procurement consultancy services through performing operationally led roles such as mobilisation and interim management
  • We have invested heavily in research within Facilities and Maintenance Management in the UK and consider our knowledge to be leading edge
  • We also invest heavily in technology and smart working practices to keep our overheads and cost base as low as possible resulting in our competitive fee rates
  • We have worked with numerous organisations, in every industry, both in the private and public sectors and have harnessed examples of best practices across all sectors that will benefit your organisation
  • We have long standing relationships with our clients which is testament to our capabilities and the positive outcomes we achieve

  • We always deliver cost savings but in a controlled and calculated manner
  • Our focus is geared towards establishing the right solution, every time
  • We have worked with numerous organisations and know what 'Best Practice' looks like
  • Our overarching aim will be for you to experience demonstrable and affordable 'Best Value'
  • We have invested heavily in research, our learning and knowledge becomes your gain
  • We are retained by the majority of our clients which is testament to our ability and outputs
  • We are independent of any other organisation and therefore offer impartial advice
  • We have over 30 years experience across most sectors

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