International Standard ISO 41001 Facilities management -Management systems - Requirements with guidance for use

Facilities Management faces unprecedented challenges in trying to keep up with competing priorities, evolving technology and the drive for corporate social responsibility. In this rapidly evolving world of facilities management a standard which serves as the basis and foundation of the strategic, tactical and operational plan is well overdue within the industry.

The standard aims to provide the basis for a common interpretation and understanding of FM and the ways in which it can benefit the organisation. It seeks to promote the adoption of a process approach when developing, implementing, and improving the effectiveness of a management system standard to enhance customer satisfaction by meeting their requirements.

It follows the same structure as all ISO Management Standards published since 2015 and therefore offers true integration across a whole host of other factors involving FM such as:

  • Quality
  • Health & Safety
  • Environment
  • Collaboration
  • Risk
  • Data
  • Asset Management
  • Energy
Evolve Business Excellence provided expert advice and input into the development of the new ISO 41001 Facilities Management Standard and now prepare ISO 41001 based FM Management Systems on behalf of organisations either modelled on this standard alone or combined with other ISO Management Systems as Integrated Management Systems (IMS)
Benefits of ISO 41001 Facilities Management
  • Offers the opportunity to evaluate or re-evaluate and document the strategic, tactical and operational requirements of FM
  • Provides a Management System suitably tailored for FM (European)
  • Facilitate the development and/or review of optimum structures and resourcing and instrumental in assessing the suitability of supply chain partners
  • A common Management System that will be systematic and integrated throughout the business. This will reduce errors, re-work and re-inventing the wheel
  • Drives and supports standardisation across the global delivery of facilities management services
  • Offers an opportunity to re-evaluate costs and efficiencies across the FM entity
  • Creates a common FM ‘language’, including terms and definitions that will be recognised internationally
  • Enables ease of measurement, benchmarking, setting of performance targets and improvement indicators
  • Offers the opportunity for closer collaboration and alignment with other parts of the business through common structures and nomenclature (ISO Annex SL)
  • Enables organisations to attain accreditation and certification and sets the standard that supply chain partners should follow
  • Provides succession planning and training opportunities